The main purpose of the Operations Division is to ensure that Pinewood Fire is ready to respond to any situation at any time. Furthermore; Operations is responsible for delivering the highest level of service possible, in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The Operations Division is split into individual sections to allow for better delivery of a broad array of services.

Emergency Services

The purpose of the Emergency Services Division is to ensure that minimum staffing requirements are met each day. Pinewood Fire staffs five full-time members per day, with a mixture of EMT-Basics, and Paramedics. Each shift consists of a Captain, Engineer, and firefighters. All members of Pinewood Fire are trained in many facets of emergency response, including Firefighting, Emergency Medical Service, and many forms of specialty training.


The Wildland Division is tasked with prevention, mitigation, and suppression of wildfires that threaten the community of Munds Park and the surrounding area. All Pinewood Fire personnel are trained in Wildland Firefighting, and every member continuously trains in Wildland fire suppression techniques.

Emergency Medical Services

The EMS Division is responsible for maintaining the highest level of patient care through continuous training, and updating treatment guidelines in accordance with our medical direction. Pinewood Fire staffs a minimum of three Certified Paramedics per shift. The EMS Division is also charged with maintaining and purchasing medical equipment used on our response apparatus.