Personnel Services

Fire Prevention

The Fire prevention Division is responsible for fire code development, fire code enforcement, and arson investigation. By implementing these items, Pinewood Fire is able to provide a higher level of life safety and property conservation for the residents of Munds Park.

Fire Station Tours

Station tours may be scheduled by our administrative staff. This is a wonderful opportunity to come learn how our fire station operates, meet the crew, and tour our response apparatus. Guests will learn about the many different types of firefighting and rescue equipment carried on our fire trucks. Many community groups have taken advantage of this great experience.

Contact Pinewood Fire Department at (928) 286-9885 to schedule a tour, or just stop by and see us! You can also see photos on the Apparatus page.

Health and Safety

In the ever-evolving world of Firefighting and EMS, firefighter health and safety is of the utmost importance. The Health and Safety Division is responsible for ensuring that our response staff maintains a level of physical fitness concurrent with standards set by the NFPA. Physical fitness is ensured through an NFPA certified annual medical physical. The Pinewood Fire Department has multiple personnel trained as Peer Fitness Instructors; those instructors are able to assist crew members with exercise and fitness routines.

Public Information

The main function of the Public Information Division is to keep members of the public informed of events and incidents that occur in the community. Public Information Division is tasked with releasing statements to the community and press, as well as keeping the community of Munds Park current on happenings with the Pinewood Fire Department.