Flower Garden Dedication

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What makes Munds Park so special?  There are lots of answers to that question, but if you want a tangible example, take a look at the living, blooming illustration of community spirit that can be found next to the fire station.

Pinewood Fire District’s 40th Anniversary Memorial Garden has at last become a reality thanks to the hard work and combined efforts of many of our town’s residents and organizations.

Two years ago, as the anniversary of the formation of the Fire District approached, Pinewood Fire Chief John Welsch envisioned a garden area that would be a living memorial to the dedication, labor and sacrifices of past, present and future District members. The garden would also serve as a beautiful, peaceful place where residents could sit, reflect and renew.

With no District funds to build the garden, Chief Welsch appealed to the one person he thought could get the job done…longtime resident, Bob Timberman.  Always up for a challenge, and by his own admission, “dumb enough”, Bob agreed to take on the task.  As soon as weather permitted this spring, he began working on the design of the garden located in an unused area on Walapai Road.

Construction began with Munds Park Sanitary District donating soil and large landscaping rocks. Rick Maggard assisted with water line installation. It took several weeks of hard work just to get the rocks positioned and flowerbeds filled. Bob’s vision was to include as much color with the plantings as possible. Falling back on his knowledge of rose growing that he learned from his uncle as a child, he approached John Lee of Pinewood Gardens who provided 35 rose bushes at a discounted price along with mulch.

In the meantime, Pinewood Property Owners Association generously donated $3000.  Debbie and Dan Bright as well as Pinewood Country Club helped with the purchase of fencing and railing. Pinewood Fire District Auxiliary donated two benches from the Bob Lane Memorial Fund.

Several residents made donations towards the purchase of over 500 bedding plants such as petunias, hollyhocks, snapdragons, columbines, delphiniums and lupines. Other residents got down and dirty with Bob to help with planting. Tom Eade, Dottie Loehnis, Pat Traber, Leslie DeGroot and Deanna Irwin got dirt beneath their fingernails.  All three shifts of Pinewood firefighters squeezed time from their station duties and used their physical prowess and bodacious muscles to help with the various stages of the construction process.

The result is a colorful garden that is a pleasant and relaxing place to sit and view the beauty of Munds Park. It’s purpose is to remind us of the 40 years of dedication to the community by Pinewood Fire District personnel, but the garden also represents the best of Munds Park…that people working together can make a positive difference.

Pinewood Fire District is planning a dedication ceremony to be held on Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 23 at 11 a.m.  Please plan on attending this special event.As for Bob, he’s still out there almost everyday working on finishing touches. He reports that everything is growing just fine with the exception of one rose bush—the one called “Firefighter”.  Go figure.